Quality Assurance and Management:

  • AB Engineering Ltd will only supply qualified staff in all areas of trade.
  • AB Engineering Ltd staff are all within a ___ minute driving time of ______________.
  • AB Engineering Ltd will use only ALL NEW parts in all maintenance and repair activities, unless directed otherwise (to reuse existing parts for example).
  • AB Engineering Ltd will provide an excellent quality service and will stand by the jobs that it performs.
  • AB Engineering Ltd staff follow a health and safety policy (manual) which meets all Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) requirements.
  • AB Engineering Ltd staff work a maximum of 16.00 hour shifts with a minimum of 5.00 hours stand down between shifts (or as specified by client on-site policy).
  • AB Engineering Ltd holds insurance cover for public liability and services and repairs.
  • AB Engineering Ltd maintains a professional development policy to ensure the up-skilling and continued training of all AB Engineering staff.
  • AB Engineering Ltd staff document all services carried out on-site in a maintenance and repairs log, for the purpose of preventative maintenance